Traumatising time but survivor counts blessings

Zainon and her children.

KUCHING: Former Covid-19 patient, Zainon Zaini, admits that she is still traumatised even though she and her children have been free from the deadly virus for a year.

Recalling, the mother of two said until now the Health Department had yet to find the cause of their infection.

“On March 29 last year, the three of us went to Sarawak General Hospital (SGH) to send my second child for further treatment after he inserted a bead into his nose.

“Alhamdulillah, the process went smoothly but unfortunately, he was found to have a bacterial infection in the lungs.

“After further examination, my son was found to be positive for Covid-19, and my eldest child and I were immediately instructed to undergo swab tests and our results were also found to be positive.

Zainon delivering kuih edram to a customer.

“On the same day, the SGH ambulance came to our home to take us to the hospital for further treatment,” she explained, adding that she did not sleep for two days as she was crying every day because she was very worried for their safety.

Further elaborating, the 34-year-old said as one of the Covid-19 patient procedures, the three of them had to undergo quarantine at the Youth and Sports Complex from April 4 to 21.

According to the mother of the three- and seven-year-olds, before being found positive for Covid-19, she and her eldest child had a sore throat, cough and mild fever while her youngest child only had sore throat and cough.

“After being confirmed free of Covid-19 infection (and discharged from the hospital), the three of us underwent self-quarantine at home until May 5. At the same time, we also took additional supplements such as Vitamin C to strengthen the immune system.

“Although doctors have told me that children are at risk of heart disease after being infected with Covid-19 but, I am very grateful because both my children are healthy.”

Despite the trauma, the Kampung Rampangi Skim resident never gave up trying to make a living for her family.

Zainon, who continues the ‘kuih-muih’ traditional cake business, Zainor Supplier, left by her late mother, said that she is still active in running the business with the kuih edram being among the most popular among her customers.

“I am very grateful for the positive response given by customers on kuih edram and honoured to have customers come all the way from Johor and Kuala Lumpur. 

“The kuih is sold at RM3 for a small package (containing nine pieces) and RM10 for a large package (30 pieces),” she said, adding that she decided to take over her late mother’s business because it facilitated the care of her children.

Commenting on the community’s acceptance of them, Zainon said at first, many were afraid to talk to them.

However, she said doctors had advised her not to worry too much because they were already free from the Covid-19 virus.

“Apart from being thankful to have family and friends who are so understanding and concerned about our health, I am also grateful to the health staff who have treated us.

“Now, the three of us are well received by the surrounding community.

“However, as we are still traumatised (especially undergoing swab tests), therefore, we prefer to stay at home. And if we need to leave the house, we will adopt the new norm practices and fully comply with standard operating procedures,” she pointed out.

Meanwhile, members of the public looking for kuih-muih to enjoy during breakfast or afternoon tea can visit Zainor Supplier Facebook page to see the menu.