KUCHING: A stationary car was partially destroyed after it caught fire, believed to be a result of treachery, here at Jalan Datuk Amar Kalong Ningkan, around 12.02am yesterday.

According to the State Fire and Rescue (Bomba) operations centre, a distress call was received around 8:36pm.

Prior to the distress call, a team of firefighters was assembled and despatched from Batu Lintang fire station to the scene.

The entire team consisted of ten firefighters , First Response Team (FRT) and an Emergency Services Assistance Unit (EMRS) came to the site of the incident of the burning vehicle.

The car, a Perodua Kancil was reported to have suddenly caught fire which started from the left side hood of the car. After further inspection, there were elements of alleged treachery. The owner of the vehicle was not present at the scene.

As the car engulfed in flames, the firefighters really put a good fight in getting rid of the fire. After a couple of hours, the fire was contained and the surrounding was clear from any further danger.

With no further investigation details disclosed, the inferno incident ended around midnight with no casualties being reported during the incident.

The entire operations ended around 12.24am.