NILAI: Having built a strong rapport with her two elderly neighbours, Izzati Mohamad Amran, 30, has grown fond of them that she now regards them as part of her family.

Despite the vast age difference, Izzati said she had no problems making friends with the two women Lee Nyek Ying, 80, and N Puspam, 63. Sharing her joy in living with neighbours of different races Izzati said, while her children get to celebrate the Chinese New Year and Deepavali festivals, she had the opportunity to learn about her neighbours’ cultural traditions.

“We have been looking out for each other and as I am very much younger, these two senior citizens are especially concerned for me and they treat me just like their own daughter.

“As I am now in confinement after delivering my third child, Lee or Ah Po as I call her, has been overly concerned and checks on me every morning and evening to make sure that my children and I are alright. 

“During my confinement period I get to learn the traditional practices observed by the Chinese and Hindu communities and some of these are practices can be adopted by other races too,” she said when met by Bernama here yesterday.

Izzati who has been residing in Taman Semarak here for the past three years said Lee would usually come over to her house in the morning and they would sit and talk on various topics over breakfast together.

“I have gotten used to this arrangement and it’s good for Lee to come by as during these visits I get to monitor her condition as she is getting old,” she said. – Bernama