SRDC enforcement officers check on traders at its Pasar Tamu.

SIBU: The stress of having to obey the movement control order (MCO) could have triggered a trader to finally lose his temper at Sibu Jaya Pasar Tamu.

According to the current rule, only wet and dry goods traders market are allowed to open their stalls until 7pm daily, but the man was selling non-essential goods.

It was not clear if the man knew about the rule or whether he was too stressed out to care, but when enforcement officers of Sibu Rural District Council (SRDC) pointed out the fact, he was far from being happy.

SRDC secretary Justani Joni, who inspected the market Thursday, said the council would not hesitate to get the police to take action against any violator of the rules under the MCO.

He was referring to the incident on March 24 when the trader created a commotion when he aggressively confronted a group of law enforcers from the council.

A video clip of the incident had gone viral.

“We hope such incident would not happen again. If it does, we would call the police,” he warned.

Justani also hoped that all traders at the market including the residents of Sibujaya would obey the MCO to help prevent further spread of Covid-19.