Trump to snub Biden’s inauguration

Donald Trump to skip town.

WASHINGTON: Donald Trump is expected to be out of town well before Biden is sworn in on the steps of the Capitol building at exactly noon.

By the time Joe Biden is sworn in as the 46th US president on Wednesday (Jan 20), Trump will already have helicoptered out of the White House for the last time earlier that morning, an official said on Friday, a CNA report said.

Trump will be the first president in a century and a half to snub the inauguration of his successor.

After more than two months trying to overturn the results of the November election, Trump’s presence had not been expected at the inauguration.

The final straw came on Jan 6 when Trump gathered a huge crowd of supporters on the National Mall and once more claimed that they had to fight to stop a fraudulent election. A mob then stormed Congress, halting proceedings underway to certify Biden’s win. – Agencies