Divers from Lopeng Fire station search the area where the victim was last seen.

MIRI: Search and rescue (SAR) operation have yet to find a tugboat crew who went missing after he jumped into the Kuala Baram river near a jetty next to the Asean Bridge here on Wednesday.

Adriadi Kristianto, 34, an Indonesian national, had reportedly jumped into the river to untie the boat’s rope that got entangled on its propeller and stalled its engine.

Prior to that, the tug boat which had just arrived from Indonesia on Wednesday afternoon, was berthed alongside the jetty when its crews realised something was not right with the engine.

Adriadi decided to dive into the river to have a look and untie the entangled ropes.

Unfortunately, he never emerged from the water.

A police report was lodged on the incident. Acting on the report lodged, a SAR operation led by firemen from Lopeng Fire Station was immediately mounted.