Turning Serian into a division a big challenge

Datuk Seri Michael Manyin

KUCHING: Separating Serian from Samarahan and turning it into a division of its own was a huge challenge, said Tebedu assemblyman Datuk Seri Michael Manyin Jawong.

He said it was the biggest achievement in his political career as an assemblyman and a minister in the state administration having played a key role in its elevation into a division in 2014.

Manyin said Serian has been rife with development since, with the construction of a new administrative complex in the town known for its durians.

“That is why we have the administrative complex and we would have it completed if not for Covid-19; that was the schedule and because of Covid-19, it will be delayed for another six months.

“And we will have a new hall. The old one will be demolished. Earth leveling work has been done, so I believe it is one year away from being completed,” he told reporters when met today.

Reflecting on the developments made during his tenure as assemblyman, Manyin said it was not appropriate for him to claim credit as it should go to the people.

“Whatever I did and completed is not my personal accomplishment, it is a responsibility and my duty as a minister to the people

“But we can say that we can achieve 100 per cent electricity by this year, 100 per cent road connectivity in my constituency. The only thing left is internet connection. That one is not easy, because the volume is not there,” he said.

The Education, Science and Technological Research Minister said the state government should not be blamed for the state’s sparse population where density is about 20 per cent per sq km.

Manyin said, in terms of agriculture, while Serian has the land and the manpower to develop it, the issue of markets for the products remains pertinent.

“You can plant anything, but if the market is not there (for products) like durian, pineapples and the rest, people will become frustrated.

“I hope Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas will get Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (Fama) to help resolve it in the next two to three years. Once that is resolved, I think the agriculture industry will be a big boon to Serian,” he added.