‘Turun padang’ and serve, opposition rep told

Tiong King Sing

KUCHING: Tanjung Batu assemblyman Chiew Chin Sing was told to stop complaining less and start assisting efforts to curb the spread of Covid-19 in Bintulu.

Progressive Democratic Party (PDP) president Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing said the assemblyman was only seeking cheap publicity by discrediting the efforts of others.

“If Chiew is so eager to point out that I am doing my work purely for publicity so that he can win the people’s hearts and votes, by all means.

“Judging by Chiew’s statements several days ago, his complaints that opposition MPs cannot do anything without an allocation is not consistent with his habit of simply making statements to get on the news pages and taking his monthly salary.

“The Bintulu parliamentary constituency has not received any additional funding to combat the pandemic either. Isn’t it necessary to take some initiative and source funds via other channels to face this unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic?,” he said.

He said this in response to Chiew who recently said Tiong’s anti-pandemic efforts were merely to seek publicity.

The Bintulu MP said he had issued several invitations to Chiew to join in to fight the pandemic from the very beginning.

“I am still waiting for Chiew to ‘turun padang’ together. I have held several fundraising events at my service centre, helped to source for medical supplies, got the virus testing laboratories built and brought in vital medical equipment for Bintulu.

“All these are due to the combined efforts of many selfless entrepreneurs, businesses, and even people without much money. All are done without additional parliamentary allocations,” he said in a statement today (Saturday).

Tiong said elected representatives should not be too concerned with media coverage as long as they stood up and worked for the people.

“For more than an entire year of the pandemic, Chiew and his son have been making baseless remarks almost daily. It is high time for them to find a more suitable use of their time, like actually serving the people.

“I urge them to find an actual purpose that will directly help the people, instead of continuing to criticise the ongoing efforts by the government,” he said.