TVS content on par with full-fledged TV station

SMG chief executive officer Suhaimi Sulaiman

KUCHING: The various programmes aired on TVS since its inaugural broadcast last Saturday have been on par with that of a full-fledged TV station.

Sarawak Media Group (SMG) chief executive officer Suhaimi Sulaiman said although TVS was currently in its test run, it was unnecessary to have the ‘test run mentality’.

“Even though we are on our test run, we don’t want it to look as such. We want it to look like a fully operational TV station and our content is also for a full-fledged TV station.

“Because when people tune in to us, when they see that our programme is not good, they will not come back to us anymore,” he explained when met at TVS Office on Thursday.

On TVS, Suhaimi said it was the biggest challenge he had faced throughout his 30-year career in the broadcasting industry.

However, he said he was pleased to discover that proper planning had already been done by SMG prior to his inclusion to the group on Aug 1.

“If they are not good planners, there is no way we can do it. As the strength is in the planning, execution and discipline (of those included).”

He added that it was also a stroke of luck to have a functioning news team from the previous TVS which catered to online audiences.

“When they did it online, they are exposed to the experience which they then brought over to the TV industry

“Other than that, now that we have launched TVS and have received various feedback, it is time for us to continue to improve further.”