Two 10-foot long crocs caught

Idris (second left) inspecting the captured crocodiles yesterday morning at the Muara Tuang old ferry port. Photo: Herriey Naha.

KOTA SAMARAHAN: Two crocodiles were captured by the Samarahan Crocodile Hunters team at the Muara Tuang old ferry port this morning.

Muara Tuang assemblyman and the team’s patron Datuk Idris Buang said the reptiles were caught using   hooks and baits which were set up on Sunday night (Jan 18).

“This morning, they went to check the baits and found two crocodiles.

“One of them measured about 10 feet 7 inches long while the other one was 10 feet 4 inches long.

“Both reptiles were taken to the Muara Tuang old ferry port to have their stomach opened to find  traces of human beings,” he added..

However, only rubbish and a snake were found inside the crocodiles.

It was understood that the reptiles caught by Wan Mazlan Wan Mazin, were disposed of after that.

Idris revealed that after the reptiles were culled, they were taken up the Samarahan River (Sabang River) to be buried.

He said the team would continue to search for the crocodile that pulled Azyan Azhar into the river near Kampung Meranek on Jan 12.