Two deaths push state’s total to 50 to date

KUCHING: Sarawak has recorded two pandemic fatalities in Sibu, bringing the total number of deaths to 50 to date.

A 92-year-old local man who was case No. 4,527 was admitted to Sibu Hospital on Jan 20 due to breathing difficulty since Jan 29.

His rT-PCR was conducted on Jan 31 and it came back positive on the same day.

“His health deteriorated and he was pronounced dead at 9.49pm on Feb 6. The deceased has comorbid high blood pressure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD),” said Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC).

The second fatality was case 2,422 — a 73-year-old local woman who was referred to Sibu Hospital after she tested positive after screening at a day care centre on Jan 19.

“The deceased had symptomatic fever since Jan 17 and her rT-PCR was made on Jan 18 and it came back positive on Jan 19.

SDMC extended its condolence to the family members of the victims.