Two pals embark on scented candles venture

100g jar scented candles are sold for RM18.

By Adriana Dris

KUCHING: The difficulty of finding scented candles at affordable prices prompted two friends, Amirah Hamizah and Nur Izzati, to produce their own candles.

According to Amirah, who is an accounting student at Universiti Teknologi Mara, Sarawak Campus, they both learned to make candles from the Internet and started their business around June this year.

Amirah Hamizah

“We noticed that the price of scented candles was quite high when looking for a gift for a friend.

“Because of this, we decided to produce our own homemade candles so that people can buy them at a reasonable price.

“We bought the raw materials from Malaya,” she explained, adding that they had also been constantly improving the quality to ensure customer satisfaction.

The 20-year-old said before making and selling scented candles, they both dabbled in jewellery making.

To ensure the candles last longer, customers are advised to store them in a cool place and away from sunlight.

On the challenges they faced, she said sales were slow throughout the pandemic as scented candles were not considered a necessity.

However, the duo is not calling it a day yet and are always improving.

Meanwhile, Izzati, a law student at SEGi College Sarawak, said those interested—whether they are in Sarawak, Sabah or Malaya—could contact them to make reservations.

“We intend to expand our business so that more people can own and experience for themselves the benefits of using our scented candles,” said the 20-year-old.

With prices as low as RM8 for a 20g jar and RM18 for a 100g jar, customers can choose between four fragrances, namely Vanilla, Citrus, Ocean and Night with Skeettles.

“Vanilla is the best seller as it is believed to be able to relieve stress.”

Amirah and Izzati can be contacted at 013-8228714 or visit @daintyourscandle on Instagram.

The scented candles are sold for RM8 for a 20g jar.
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