Understudy turns into master chiropractor

Tu continues to apply the ‘Tit Tar’ treatment.

SARATOK: Master Chris Leong, a professional chiropractor who specialises in a form of Chinese medical practice that he calls ‘Tit Tar’ therapy, has made his presence keenly felt in the country and even abroad.

The sounds of joints cracking while being adjusted are what make his practice a curious thing and quite exciting to witness. The great relief on the faces of his patients after he has cracked their pain away is even more amazing and satisfying to watch.

Over the years, his service has grown in popularity but the main problem is that not everyone has access to it. Therefore, it is good fortune indeed for the people in places that he happens to visit. After all, there’s only one Chris Leong.

Fortunately, one of his students from Bintulu, Tu Kah Siong, who is a physiotherapist, is a little more accessible.

Recently, while making a tour stop at Saratok town, Tu, who is also the owner of Trumotion Myotherapy, took time to show the process of a bone repair treatment.

The sounds of skeletal joints being cracked during some of the treatments sounded horrifying, which seemed to cause some people to be too scared to try.

However, a resident of Kampung Kupang nearby, Mahmud Merdan, who tried the treatment to ease the pain in his wrist, admitted that it was effective.

“I’ve had the pain in my wrist for almost five months. The treatment was good and I feel less pain now,” Mahmud said.

Nancy Insing

Another patient, Nancy Insing from Julau, who suffered from back pain, also shared similar views.

“I have been suffering from back pain and waist for a long time. Sometimes the pain went away for a while then came back,” she said.

“After receiving treatment at Trumotion Myotheraphy, the pain went away and now my body feels light.”

It was no wonder that she encouraged those who are suffering from joint and body pain to try it out.

“Don’t be afraid. The RM50 per session is worth it. At first I thought it would be more expensive than that, but it’s not expensive when you think of your pain,” she said.

According to Tu, the treatment is for anyone who has pain in the back, shoulders, and neck area due to bad sleeping patterns, sprains and many other problems.

“Everything can be adjusted. The majority of those who seek treatment at Trumotion Myotherapy are people who suffer from back pain and sprains,” he said.

Regarding the cracking sounds, he said they are not sounds of bones breaking, but sounds made by joints when they get adjusted to their correct positions.

“So don’t be afraid of them,” he said.

Tu also advised patients to rest for least a day after treatment. They should not do heavy lifting or heavy work for a while until the body get used to the realigned joints.

A patient gives the thumbs-up after receiving treatment at Trumotion Myotheraphy in Saratok.

About his involvement in chiropractic medicine, he did not like it initially.

“Once I finished my studies in the field of physiotherapy … I applied for some jobs on an employment portal. I got two job offers, one at Mount Kiara and the second with Master Chris Leong’s team.

“As the offer was better with Master Chris’ team, I accepted the offer. That was where it all started.

“I fell in love with the joint and nerve stretching,” he said

After three years under the guidance of Master Chris, Tu described the training and experience as very helpful.

“That’s how I have been able to survive in my own business under the name Trumotion Myotherapy which is entering its sixth year now.

“Master Chris is really good. He taught me from A to Z, right from the basics and how to handle patients.”

He will never forget Master Chris’ message, which is, “to not treat anyone who comes as a patient, but rather as a family member”, adding that “only then can we treat them 100 per cent with love”.

Tu revealed that more than 100 patients seek treatment at Trumotion Myotherapy every month.

“This is not counting patients in our tours to remote areas. Thankfully the response is very encouraging.

“Thus, this year I have a plan to add more therapists to ensure a smoother operation at Trumotion Myotherapy,” he said.

He is now assisted by another therapist, Boneyfice Bayang Vivian.

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