Unemployed graduates are not idling by

Datuk Dr Noraini Ahmad

KUCHING: Fresh graduates are having a hard time looking for jobs since the Covid-19 pandemic hit Malaysia in March 2020.

Indeed, the unemployment situation among graduates has grown from concern to becoming an issue that is beguiling education planners.

According to Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Dr Noraini Ahmad, the unemployment rate among fresh graduates had gone up to approximately 25 percent last year.

Unemployed fresh graduates have voiced out their concern of not settling down with a job after months of graduation during the pandemic.

They had to find other ways to spend their time, whether it is taking up short-term jobs or helping around in the house.

“I graduated last October and am currently taking on a short-term job in a beverage shop just so that I can have a productive life and also earn some pocket money,” said Jordan Chan, 23.

He pointed out that having a temporary job gave him some flexibility which enabled him to look for better jobs and go for interviews.

While searching for jobs and waiting for interview chances, Ling Zi Wei, 24, said she has been taking up online classes like designing and social media analysis to keep her sharp and strengthen the skills she acquired in university.

“I volunteered to help in many charity events after my mother’s suggestions instead of just lounging at home doing nothing. I graduated in May 2020 with a Public Relations degree, and being in a charity event or events, in general, has helped me in improving my public relation skills. These events will also come in handy in my resume when I apply for jobs,” said Henry Liew, 23.

Although the Covid-19 pandemic is giving fresh graduates a hard time seeking employment, many have managed to be productive in the period of unemployment.