Unimas hosts live Gawai, Kaamatan session

Kaamatan and Gawai greetings during the Gawai X Keamatan live session on Facebook.

KUCHING: Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas) hosted a live Facebook session called “Gawai X Kaamatan Cempaka” in conjunction with the Gawai and Kaamatan festivals.

The session was participated by Unimas deputy vice-chancellor Prof Dr Thomas Kana @ Kamarudin Kana;  senior assistant registrar Azeemah Ahmad, and student residents of Unimas’ Cempaka College.

It was held as many of the students could not return to their hometowns for the festivals.

The session started with a video of student Steward Panggai giving a longhouse tour which then continued with a question and answers session for each panel and concluded with Gawai wishes from Prof Thomas.

The students discussed their love for their hometowns and shared their previous celebration experience. An ethnic dance, Menggalai, was also performed by one of the students, Aron Bruner Marakin.

The highlight was a video compilation of Gawai wishes from Cempaka residents, including the college principal, Mohd Hafizan Hashim.

Live Facebook session.