Uniqueness needed for TVS to compete

Dr Mus Chairil Samani

KUCHING: An academician urged TVS, the state-owned TV station which was launched today, to offer unique products so that it can compete with other TV networks in the country.

“What viewers are looking for and waiting for are definitely not only the logo and theme song but also the philosophy of the broadcast.

“To beat the leaders of free television channels in Malaysia, TVS must offer a variation that does not exist in any other station,” said Universiti Malaysia Sarawak’s Communication Department senior lecturer, Dr Mus Chairil Samani.

He also stressed that advertising revenue was also important for TVS to be competitive in a saturated TV market.

“TVS will be the eighth free television channel in the country in addition to TV3, TV2, TV9, TV1, NTV7, 8TV and TV Alhijrah. TV1 and TV2 are operated by government stations and the rest are private companies,” he said.

According to the advertising expenditure (Adex) 2018 data, Mus said TV3 led with 33 percent of total paid ad collection, followed by TV2 (25 percent), TV9 and TV1 (19 percent), NTVB8 and 8TV (14 percent) and Alhijrah TV (6 percent).

“Will TVS be able to overtake TV3 which dominates paid ad collection? Indeed, this heavy task will be  shouldered by TVS,” he said.

Mus said since public had high expectations of TVS as first state owned TV network, it had to deliver top notch information and entertainment services.

“The number of free television channel advertisements decreased from RM3.1 billion (2013) to RM2.8 billion (2018),” he added.

The academician said this would be a challenge for TVS with the amount being shared by eight television stations starting October 10.

Besides this, he added most advertisers were now switching to digital media, especially social media applications that also offered infotainment services.