Customers going through various selections of clothing. Photos: Ghazali Bujang


KUCHING: Sunday Preloved Market not only serves to sell second-hand goods, but it has become a platform to raise the public’s awareness on the environmental impact of the fashion industry. 

Founder of Waste Less Kuching, Nasrisya Hani Ahmad Lutfi said that by buying second-hand items, especially clothes, it could save the world from environmental harm. 

“The issue with fashion and household items is that a lot of unwanted items either go to the second-hand market or end up at landfills. 

“That is why I organised this preloved market so that unused items from homes can be sold. At the same time raising awareness on the effects of clothing production industry,” she said during the event held at the Old Courthouse here yesterday. 

She said unlike before, second-hand items now have become a very slow-moving inventory whereby people would prefer to buy new items in malls or through online shopping.  

“So with this market, we hope to be a catalyst for second-hand market, especially in Kuching. 

“Through this, we want to divert the unwanted items from second-hand shop like bundles, donation piles and landfills,” she said. 

Customers going through various selections of clothing. Photo: Ghazali Bujang

She added that it is good that people would donate their unwanted items to charity, but when it becomes too much, it is not put to good use and sadly ‘paralysed’.

“It is not good that we depend on the poor to take our things that we no longer need to use. Instead, we need to circulate the unwanted items,” she said. 

Sunday Preloved Market, being held for the first time, Nasrisya said she will see from the response of the event, and is planning to hold it once every quarter of the year, probably during festive seasons such as Chinese New Year, Gawai, Hari Raya and Christmas. 

“Waste Less Kuching is nearly a year old, and I’m running it all by myself. So in the next few months, we are recruiting more creative thinkers to join the group so we can better organised the Sunday Preloved Market and other impactful projects,” she said. 

About 27 participants which consist of the local community were seen selling used items ranging from clothes, shoes, accessories, books, toys, ceramics and plants. Some of the items were sold as low as RM2. 

Follow the Instagram accounts at Waste Less Kuching or Kuching Preloved Market for more updates on upcoming events. 

Those interested to participate in the next Sunday Preloved Market can contact Nasrisya at 013-8115921.