UPSR cancellation good for students

Ongoing school session amidst pandemic. File photo: Bernama

KUCHING: The Ministry of Education (MOE) has announced the cancellation of the Primary School Achievement Test (UPSR) for good.

This has received encouraging responses from parents and guardians.

Teachers are also in favour of the decision because they think the cancellation of UPSR will benefit the students academically.

Mohd Shalihi Far

 The cancellation of the UPSR is not a burden to the teachers and education in Malaysia should no longer focus on academic subjects only. The assessment must take into account the students’ abilities instead of just focusing on examinations.   I think it is all about ensuring the students are able to identify their own potentials in various aspects rather than getting good exam results.

Nazatul Masuri Bastari

I hope my fellow teachers and our students are ready to welcome drastic changes that come with the cancellation of the UPSR. There is a need for the education system in Malaysia to move forward and for the society to stop judging the students’ intelligence based on the number of As they obtain in examinations. We need to focus on preparing the students in terms of developing their characters and personalities so that they are ready for secondary education.

Nurul Natasha Amran

 Teachers will now have to conduct detailed assessment for the students through the implementation classroom assessment.  They may find this stressful when they are handling more than one class. However, as an English teacher, I will personally conduct assessments to gauge my students’ ability in writing, reading and listening. This is to improve their skills in the English language.

Abg Mohd Nizam Abg Nasser

 I think it will take some time for teachers and students alike to get used to the new system that replaces the UPSR. We are used to learning for examinations. It is great to see that the learning and teaching process for the teachers and students will change.  The alternative assessment which evaluates the students must take into account their needs and potentials.