Dr Kelvin Yii Lee Wuen

KUCHING: The federal government has been reminded of the urgency of getting businesses to reopen following the relaxation of restrictions on people’s movements.

In particular, Bandar Kuching MP Dr Kelvin Yii questioned the tardiness in reopening of barber shops, hairdressing salons and beauty salons.

“While I welcome the standard operating procedures (SOPs) for hairdressers, barbers and even night markets which will be finalised this Saturday, but I question why it takes so long for them to finalise it.

“Many hairdressers, barbers and even small traders are suffering because they have no income for almost three months. Since the reopening was announced two months before this, shouldn’t a SOP be already in place?” he asked in his Facebook post yesterday.

He was responding to an announcement by the federal government to finalise by this weekend the SOPs of reopening the sector along with other sectors.

Dr Yii said the plight of the industry was for all to see after having no income for months for paying bills, rents and salaries.

He said in drafting the SOP for the sector, the authorities could refer to the SOPs for dentists and doctors so as to proceed safely while offering their essential services.

“While I acknowledge that beauty salons may not provide essential services, the government must act quickly to show them an ‘exit strategy’ so that they could get through their predicaments,” he said.