Use mask at all times

Clarence Ting

KUCHING: Sibu folk were told to wear their masks at all times in public places to stop the rapid spread of Covid-19 in the district.

Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) chairman Clarence Ting said the people must be aware that the threat of Covid-19 is everywhere and there is no place that can be considered safe at the moment.

“Yesterday, we went through the most horrendous day since Covid-19 started. There were a total of 168 positives with 89 from Pasai Cluster and another 79 from others cases.

“The news this morning reported that more longhouses are being locked down due to worsening conditions,” he said in a Facebook post today.

Ting said, even more concerning is the 79 unrelated positive Covid-19 cases outside of the Pasai Cluster.

“Many called for more information like areas and locations so they can take more precautions. I told those who contacted me, these 79 positives signify Covid-19 is everywhere in Sibu.

“Nowhere is safe. Go out only when absolutely necessary. As for those who need to go out, remember to keep putting on your mask at all times. Do not do anything that requires you to take your mask off,” he said.

The SMC chairman said it is due to such reason that dining in at eateries in Sibu is prohibited as masks are being removed when eating.

“Or when you smoke in a designated smoking area, that’s when you come in contact with others with your mask down. I urge you, keep your mask on at all times, regardless who you are with.

“With this pandemic, we need everyone to take care of themselves first, only then you would be able to look after others, even your family members,” he said.