Using more digital technology

Abdul Aziz (left) speaks at the press conference while Abdul Latif looks on.


KUCHING: The local business community must move forward and participate actively in the digital transformation of the state’s economy.

Sarawak Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) chairman Tan Sri Datuk Amar Abdul Aziz Husain said ways of doing business today had to change in accordance to the new normal   after post Covid-19.

“We would like to encourage the use of IT (information technology), e-commerce and all other technologies to conduct business and less face-to-face or physical approaches.

“We want these technologies to be used not only by the government agencies and big businesses but also by the entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises (SMEs),” he said.

He told this during a press conference held after witnessing the signing of memorandum of understanding (MoU) between SEDC and Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) at Grand Margherita Hotel here yesterday.

Abdul Aziz pointed out that there were many small entrepreneurs who were suffering due to the implementation of movement control order (MCO) to curb the spread of Covid-19 pandemic.

“That is why SEDC hopes to introduce the use of digital approach such as e-commerce, IT, online transaction and electronic payment system to make businesses prosper.

“By having IT and e-commerce, we can actually have the world as our market so we are not stopping at trading in Sarawak alone but also trying to trade outside Sarawak, Malaysia and even with other countries in the world,” he said.

Meanwhile, MPC director general Datuk Abdul Latif Abu Seman said the use of digital technology was not something new to the corporation.

He said so far, MPC had conducted 187 webinars to engage with about 30,000 industry players since the MCO started on March 18.