Vaccination as ultimate weapon

Lau (left) visits a home in Sibu to get the residents to register for vaccination.

KUCHING: The Covid-19 vaccination is the ultimate weapon to bring down the Covid-19 cases in Sibu, views Senator Robert Lau Hui Yew.

He said his team, since a week ago has been going from door to door to register the residents in Zone 7 (Tiong Hua) in Sibu.

“This area has the highest unregistered and unvaccinated people. We registered the residents there for vaccination regardless where they are from and where they vote.

“If we are to see the cases in Sibu being reduced, we have to tackle the worst area. We have to fight for them through getting them vaccinated,” he said in a Facebook post on Friday.

Lau said during the outreach programme, his team had met a lot of residents who had not register for the Covid-19 vaccines or was hesitant to be vaccinated.

“We managed to convince almost all to turn up for the vaccination on the mobile vaccination bus,” he said.

The Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) Bawang Assan chief said on Friday that a total of 300 residents were registered by the outreach team.

“We have done so within two hours with six teams. Many came out wanting to register but we ran out of (vaccination) spots. We will have to come back again next week,” he said.

Lau said through the programme, it has made it convenient for the residents to be vaccinated by having the mobile vaccination bus parked near the place the residents are staying.

“The vaccination time is after their office or work hours at 5pm and we give them appointment date and time within one or two days at the maximum,” he said.