Vaccine effective two or three weeks after second dose

KUCHING: The general public was told to understand the mechanism of vaccines and not to create false perception over its effectiveness.

Education, Science and Technological Research assistant minister Dr Annuar Rapaee said the vaccines could only provide maximum protection two to three weeks after vaccination.

“This is according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) which means that you don’t get full immunity until two or three weeks after your second vaccine dose.

“This does not mean that if you are inoculated today with the Covid-19 vaccine, you will be fully safe tomorrow. Don’t influence the public with this false information,” he said in a livestream on Saturday (June 19).

Dr Annuar said he was aware there were locals who doubted the effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccines as the daily cases remained high. 

“We must talk based on facts. I urge them to encourage those who have not yet registered for vaccination to do so,” he said.

He said for the Nangka constituency, the Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) youth were mobilised to reach out to villages and register those who had not done so.

He said currently, Sarawak regularly topped the daily vaccination nationwide, administering close to 50,000 vaccine doses each day.

Dr Annuar also advised teachers to get vaccinated. He said there were about 150 teachers who were reluctant to be vaccinated in Sibu.

“I ask teachers to accept the vaccines.  No medicine will give you 100 per cent guarantee. Similarly, the vaccines will help. Although you might be infected, you might not pass the virus on to others and the infections will not be as severe,” he said.