Vaccine passport as proof of vaccination

Dr Abdul Rahman Junaidi

KUCHING: The government needs to immediately introduce a vaccine passport to avoid public confusion.

Assistant Minister of Utilities (Water Supply), Datuk Dr Abdul Rahman Junaidi said that the introduction of the Covid-19 vaccine passport is a good step to show if a person has been vaccinated.

“This will be a serious proof of the government in giving out vaccines towards the community in Malaysia.

“The existence of the passport will make the public feel more confident to get vaccinated amid various speculations about the Covid-19 vaccine,” he said, adding that the implementation of vaccine passports should not be delayed.

“Immediate decisions should be taken so that those who are vaccinated will have evidence in case there are any side effects from the vaccine,” he said.

When asked about the measures that can be taken to prevent fake vaccine passports from being issued by third parties or on the black market, Dr Abdul Rahman said that it will have a security mark and is not easy to be forged.

“This passport will be officially issued and confirmed by the Ministry of Health. The quality of it is guaranteed nonetheless,” he said.