Vaccinees can still be infected by virus

coronavirus _ mask
Photo: Pixabay

KUCHING: Vaccinees have been reminded to continue complying with the Covid-19 preventive standard operating procedures (SOPs).

In giving the advice, social activist Voon Shiak Ni pointed out that even after inoculation, vaccines could still be infected by the deadly virus.   

“The pandemic is far from over and with the presence of the highly infectious Delta variant detected in Sarawak, all of us must be careful,” she said.

Citing Health Director-General Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah’s recent statement, she said the Delta variant could be transmitted in 15 seconds.

“Dr Noor Hisham also said one could still be infected after vaccination and that more than 3,000 healthcare workers had been infected even after full vaccination since February to the middle of this month,” she said.

Voon pointed out that some people were now more complacent as a sizeable population in Sarawak had completed their two-dose vaccination.

“Last week, I noticed on a few occasions people were not wearing their masks properly and only covering their chins. Some were chatting away without their masks at coffee tables.

“Before more people become complacent, thinking that they are safe after being vaccinated, I hope to earnestly remind all to continue wearing their face masks properly in public and when dining in at coffeeshops or eating outlets. They should take the masks off only when the food is served,” she pointed out.