Vaccinees glad and grateful they were immunised

KUCHING: Residents of Kampung Semeba and from other villages finally received their Covid-19 vaccination today, thanks to the mobile vaccination centre (PPV) outreach programme.

All were happy and thankful that the vaccination programme was held near their homes at the Kampung Semeba multipurpose hall.  

After the vaccination, they hope they can go out safely without any worries.

They also hope the mobile outreach programme can also go to other villages and that the vaccination rollout can end the Covid-19 pandemic in the state soon.

Hazairul Sibun

I am really happy to finally receive my vaccination close to my home today. Our village head told us to come for the vaccination programme and I came early. I hope with this vaccine, we can fight Covid-19 and end the pandemic.

Elvin Sangai

After I have been vaccinated, I hope my body will be healthy and also safe from Covid-19. I pray that the vaccination rollout will be able to fight off the virus and keep people safe. I urge those who have not yet been vaccinated to get their jabs soon. 

Siti Mariam Yusof

I came from Kampung Haji Baki to get myself vaccinated. I have been waiting a long time for my vaccination. I am thankful and happy today. Those who have not yet been vaccinated should go for the jab now. I hope I can go out and walk around safely after this.

Dominic Ngoram

Covid-19 affected my work as a gardener and a house builder. Both jobs were my sources of income. I am happy to be injected today. I did not feel pain at all. I hope and pray that the vaccination rollout will end the pandemic. I hope this mobile programme will continue to help other villagers.