Victim positive, rescuers in Kampung Stenggang shooting incident to undergo swab tests

Tawang Linggem

BAU: Firefighters, policemen and local villagers who were involved in the retrieval of a man who was recently shot dead in a hunting fatality at Kampung Stenggang here had been ordered to undergo Covid-19 screening and self-isolation.

This came after the victim was confirmed to be Covid-19 positive by health officials.

Bau Fire and Rescue Station chief Tawang Linggem said six firemen at the scene were asked to go for swab tests at 10am on Monday morning (Apr 12).

He added that their results will be known in three days’ time.

“In the meantime, we have been ordered to undergo self-isolation in our room at our respective homes,” he told New Sarawak Tribune when contacted today.

Tawang said it also involved seven policemen who were present at the scene, as well as five villagers.

At the scene of the incident which occurred last Saturday night, Tawang and his team, with the help of the villagers, assisted in retrieving the body of the deceased man from the jungle.