Victory against pandemic by Jan 2022

Datuk Peter Minos

KUCHING: Malaysia will win the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic by January 2022, a political analyst opined.

Datuk Peter Minos said the country will see economic recovery, but patience and understanding are vital during this crucial time.

“Malaysia Boleh as we used to say and I predict that about a year from now we will win the war against this pandemic. It is a matter of time, but we must have patience and understanding of the prevailing predicament and situation that we are placed in.

“We must stand together with the federal and state governments in the efforts to stop this pandemic in our beloved nation.  By doing so, we will pick up the pieces in reviving the economy that has been badly battered,” he added.

In saying so, the Kota Samarahan Municipal Council chief applauded the resilience among Malaysians particularly those who are gravely affected by the pandemic.

“The pandemic has ushered in the loss of jobs and businesses which in turn affected the income of many fellow Malaysians. Their resilience is very strong and continues to be amply shown as in the past like during the Indonesian aggression and confrontation of 1963 to 1965.

“Malaysians have risen up in the past, even during the racial riots tragedy of May 13 in 1969 and the near economic meltdown of 1987 to 1988,” Minos said.

He urged fellow Malaysians to not give up despite economic havoc and pains caused by the invisible and deadly enemy.

“Which Malaysians who genuinely love and care for the nation do not feel bad seeing the tragedy befalling our nation? I feel sad and sorry that our wonderful nation has been humbled and fell down by an unwelcomed pandemic.

“While there are both mental and physical pains, we must not ever think of giving up. We must not feel down or depressed because of the malaise,” he stressed.

He also said that Malaysian’s fortitude must be rallying behind the government come what may.

“May God save and free Malaysia from the dangers and maladies that we are facing as well as being confronted with. May with divine intervention, Malaysia be totally free from the pains and sufferings then rise up again economically,” he added.