Video not taken at Stutong Market: MBKS councillor

Cr Mok Chuang Ping (centre) with Cr Patrick Song (right) and Cr Lim Swee Chiaw showing the police report and photos of Stutong Community Market eatery is not as viralled in the social media.
Photos by courtesy of MBKS Councillors.

KUCHING: The viral video was not taken in the Stutong Community Market, Kuching South City Council (MBKS) Councillor Mok Chuang Ping stressed in a press conference at the Stutong Community Market near here, today.

“The Kuching City South Hawkers and Traders Association chairman Tan Choon Yong has lodged a police report regarding the fake video circulating in the social media which was said to have been taken at Stutong Community Market.”

The video started circulating on Facebook last Friday and was claimed to have been taken at the food court of Stutong Community Market.

The 24-second video showed a worker using the same mop to sweep the floor and to wipe one of the dining tables at the eatery while two customers were seen enjoying their food.

“MBKS would never allow such cleaning service in the market. Hence, we are asking members of the public to stop sharing the video and to associate it with the Stutong Community Market,” Mok said.

Cr Mok Chuang Ping (left) with Cr Lim Swee Chiaw show the tables and chairs at the Stutong Community Market eatery are anchored on the floor and they are white,whereas in the viralled video the tables and chairs are loose and with different colours.

He also claimed that the physical setting of the place in the video also did not match the food court at Stutong Community Market.

“Our stools and tables are round and white in colour. They are permanently installed onto the floor while the video featured red plastic chairs and square tables,” he pointed out.

He continued, “The variety-looking signboards of the stalls shown in the video are also different from the ones in the Stutong market. This is because MBKS standardised the measurement of signboards for every outlet in the Stutong market.”

“Unlike the eatery in the video, we do not allow alcohol logos to be displayed. Even the ceiling did not match ours.

“Another important detail is that our contractor’s cleaners are wearing red uniforms to work whereas the cleaner in the video was wearing a blue shirt,” he said.

Another MBKS councillor, Patrick Song also said that the council was trying its best to help the hawkers to improve their income and promoting their business in the market. He condemned the fake news which was meant to sabotage the Stutong Community Market.

“Fake news is very destructive as it can directly affect the hawkers’ business and image as well as losing the trust and confidence of the people in the council,” he said.

“There is a lot of differences but the people who do not frequently go to the market may be persuaded to believe the fake video. So we encourage members of the public to come and see for themselves,” he added.

He also said that they do not discourage members of the public from informing MBKS about any wrongdoings by the foodstall operators. In fact, they welcome them as long as it reflects the real situation and not baseless accusation.

“Previously, we received a complaint by customers of Siang Siang Court where they saw rats in the premises. We conducted an investigation, requested them to shut down and advised them to solve the problem until it is ready to operate again,” he said.

“On behalf of MBKS, we would like to reiterate that we are very concerned about hygiene and the cleanliness of food premises to serve the public better,” Patrick said.

The councillors also mentioned that Local Government and Housing Minister Dr Sim Kui Hian was eating a bowl of Sarawak Laksa at the market earlier in the morning to show his support to the Stutong Community Market.

Also present at the press conference was MBKS Councillor Lim Swee Chiaw.