Thumbs-up for the new jetty with Jamilah (rear, centre right).

LUNDU: A total of RM530,000 was allocated to Kampung Sileng Dayak under the Rural Transformation Projects (RTP).

One of the projects was the RM180,000. Kampung Sileng Dayak jetty repair project.  Implemented under the Public Works Department (JKR) by Youngstoum Enterprise through RTP 2019, it was completed within four months.

The new Kampung Sileng Dayak Hall will be built at a cost of RM350,000.  

“Our dream has come true today. Thank you to the Sarawak government under the leadership of our Chief Minister and also Datuk Amar Jamilah Anu (Tanjong Datu assemblywoman) for giving us this beautiful jetty for the benefit of the villagers,” said Kampung Sileng Dayak Ketua Kampung Bong Bujang.

He said this when met during the handiing over of the Kampung Sileng Dayak Repair Project   by Sahril Matnoor, JKR Bau/Lundu District engineer, recently at the jetty.

Jamilah said that the jetty could be used by the villagers to earn their living by carrying out activities such as fishing.

Meanwhile, the hall can be used for Hari Gawai activities.

She hoped that the villagers would make full use of the facilities provided by the government and give their unwavering support in the spirit of ‘Sayang Sarawak’ and ‘Sarawak Kita Empun’.

Thumbs-up for the new jetty with Jamilah (rear, centre right).