Village to get 2 RTP projects

John (centre) with the representatives and locals of Kampung Belimbing B.

SERIAN: Two Rural Transformation Programme (RTP) projects will be implemented in Kampung Belimbing B, Serian.

Bukit Semuja assemblyman John Ilus attended the ground-breaking ceremony for a project to upgrade the agricultural road that costs RM100,000 at Kampung Belimbing B today (Jan 8).

“Aside from this project, another project is the construction of St Elizabeth Church which costs RM150,000 and is listed to be implemented this year.

“I hope both projects will bring great benefit to the villagers of Kampung Belimbing B.

“I also hope that the villagers, contractors and implementing agency, Department of Irrigation and Drainage, would be able to work together and help one another so that the project can be carried according to schedule,” he said during the ceremony.

John said that with the inclusive policy introduced and practised by the state government, support from the people of Sarawak is needed to return the mandate to the current government.

“Through this policy, the wellbeing and the harmony of the people of the state can be ensured and continuous development can be implemented,” he added.

In 2018, Kpg Belimbing B also received an RTP project worth RM130,000 to carry out church hermitage works.