Food aid ready to be distributed to the residents of the longhouses.

DARO: A total of 456 doors involving 23 longhouses and three villages in the Daro constituencies and Igan parliamentary received food assistance.

Daro assemblyman Safiee Ahmad and Igan member of parliament (MP) Ahmad Johnie Zawawi sought to provide immediate assistance to those affected by the movement control order (MCO).

This phase is especially for those living at the riverfront who are affected by the lack of transportation for them to go to a nearby town for food supply during the implementation of the Covid-19 MCO beginning March 18.

Express boat, speedboat as well as Bandung Motor services do not operate as usual, and grocery stores are scarce at the rural areas.

It was understood that the first phase of the food aid delivery was for Pengaik longhouse as well as longhouses in Nangga Semah and Kampung Sebena and boats were utilised to transport the items to the area.