Villagers keenly await Covid-19 vaccination

Villagers have submitted their vaccination registration forms to KK Rosli Ahmad Darus (second left) and JKKK secretary Fadillah Sulaiman (left) together with two JKKK committee members.

KUCHING: The majority of villagers in Kampung Haji Baki Block C are excitedly waiting to receive their Covid-19 vaccination.

The village development and security committee (JKKK) has been distributing the registration form for the vaccination since Feb 18.

Its secretary Fadillah Sulaiman said some of the villagers are still apprehensive about getting vaccinated.

“There are 149 houses in the Block C area, we are trying to get those who are 18 years old and above to go for the vaccination.

“While most of the villagers are excited to get vaccinated and be free of the Covid-19, there are some who are still afraid as they fear that it might affect their health,” he explained.

He added that the community leader (KK) and JKKK are not forcing those who are unwilling to sign up for the registration.

He revealed that villagers who are keen to be vaccinated have submitted their registration form to KK Rosli Ahmad Darus.

Kampung Haji Baki was recently under lockdown because of Covid-19 outbreak in the area.