Villagers welcome better connectivity

Dr. Jerip (left) being briefed by JKR Kuching Senior Civil Engineer Sahril Matnor about the new road construction. Photos: Ramidi Subari

PADAWAN: Assistant Minister of Transport Datuk Dr Jerip Susil today officiated at the launch of an agricultural road from Kampung Abang to Kampung Biya Jaber constructed under the Rural Transformation Programme (RTP).

The Mambong assemblyman also revealed another project under RTP to build a bridge from Kampung Abang to Sekolah Kebangsaan Pangkalan Ampat here.

The projects will facilitate easy access for the villagers to their farms and also provide better access to school children and teachers at SK Pangkalan Ampat.

The villager’s responses to the implementation of the new road and bridge are very positive as the projects would definitely benefit the rural population.

New Sarawak Tribune managed to get their reactionS and found out that they were glad with the development to improve connectivity in the village.


Mission Limbang
MISSION LIMBANG (Kampung Abang Village chief)

“The new road will give us a lot of benefits because it is will provide us better access and shorter distance. Teachers and staff of the school here will not need to carry their stuff and walk across the suspension bridge anymore. Villagers can also easily go to their farms.”


Moikom Lopu

“Currently, it is very difficult for us to bring heavy stuff across using the suspension bridge. With the construction of a Bailey bridge, it will greatly ease our burden.”


Johnson Ahau
JOHNSON AHAU (School security guard)

“The new road and bridge will make our life less burdensome. The villagers will be able to easily ferry their goods using cars or motorcycles.”


Atar Ranyun

“It is hard for me to move around without road connection in the village. With the new road being built, I can easily go to my land and farm because it will take shorter time to get there.”


ALICE (Nurse)

“Most villagers are farmers and it is hard to get our crops out to the market. With the new road, we can move easily in and out of the village. I hope the road can be constructed quickly for the benefit of the rural villagers.”