BAU: Volunteer firefighter teams will be formed in villages, namely in Krokong, Jagoi, Opar, Serumbu and Singgai, said new District Bomba chief Tawang Lingem.

“This is my main goal in heading this fire station (Bau) while, continuing what has been planned by my predecessor,” he said when contacted yesterday.

These teams, he explained, would provide early emergency assistance in rural areas located far from the fire station.

“These units will also help create awareness on the importance of fire hazards besides forging closer bonds between the firefighters and the communities through such engagement,” he added.

Tawang took over from Abby Erwamdi Sarbini and the handing over of duties was witnessed by state Bomba zone 1 chief Henderi Ardimanshah at the Bau fire station.

Henderi (centre) witnesses the handing over of duties from Abby (left) to Tawang.