Voice of justice…

The Road of Death


By Xu Jue Xi 

Eighty years ago, in response to the clarion call from the mainland, more than 100 NCDMC (Nanyang/SEA Chinese Drivers and Mechanics Corps) personnel rushed from Sarawak to China to serve along the Yunnan-Burma Road, in their quest to add their voice of justice against the Japanese invasion, as well as to protest strongly against the world hegemony by action.

Without regard for their safety, the NCDMC had cut out and built the so-called ‘Road of Death’ which was used for the transportation of military goods and medicines required for the anti-Japanese war.

All the work was done manually in a tough and dangerous environment, surrounded by high mountain ridges, deep valleys, sharp cliffs and precipices and all the while subject to the merciless and wanton bombing by Japanese airplanes.

The Road of Death

China finally won the anti-Japanese war and left an important inscription in human history, and the great contributions and sacrifices made by the NCDMC to the victory of the war had also left an outstanding footnote in the annals of human history.

These days, unlike 80 years ago, weapons and bullets are no longer required in a new form of warfare among countries. Though dressed up in modern and progressive civilisation, western countries led by the US are still voraciously bent on controlling and bringing China under their power.

Currently, in the world arena, a big and new war in the name of economy and trade has been declared against China, a country with a population of 1.4 billion and undergoing breathtaking economic development.

Waving the flag of economy and trade, the US has in fact been imposing its hegemony and suppression over China. Lying behind the trade feud is America’s intention to stifle China’s development. The US wants to be a permanent leader in the world and there is no way for China to avoid the “storm” through compromise.

During this round of continuous economic trade war started by the US, we urge those who love peace and with a heart for justice, fairness, conscience, and morality, to make a worldwide voice of justice by backing up and supporting China, just like what the NCDMC did 80 years ago.

The Chinese people worldwide will fully and unreservedly back and support China in this round of economic trade war.

China should stand firmly to defend its national interests, and never cower to US bullying, hegemony and suppression.

The US will finally learn that the Chinese people worldwide will not let China fight the war alone. They will provide support without reservation.

For thousands of years, the Chinese with their exceptional characteristics of diligence, thrift, determination and indomitability, will never allow the western powers to invade, occupy, control and suppress them again.

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