A shop assistant checking her body temperature at a scanning equipment.

MUKAH: Small and handy scanning equipment are common and widely used by many businesses to check their customer’s body temperature in compliance with standard operating procedure (SOP) during the current movement restriction order.

It is learnt that even hospitals and clinics here are also using the same scanning equipment, although the brands, shapes and sizes may differ.

New Sarawak Tribune discovered that there was one shop here that might be slightly advanced when it used a new type of scanner at its premises.

Looking at its nature, it was a wall scanning equipment and the size was about one-and-a-half times bigger than usual.

It was strategically installed at the door of the shop to enable customers to easily check their body temperature.

Shop owner Vanessa Goh said it was installed at her premises on Monday (Aug 3).

“The equipment is also available at my shop, but currently no stock.”

She added that new stock would arrive sometime next week, and the price was affordable.

Goh’s shop is involved in the sales of telecommunication equipment and spare parts, handphone credit reload, and also cakes (including for birthdays), bread and buns.