Water bills not delivered

Mersu Muhi and his wife.

MUKAH: The inconsistent delivery of water bills to Kampung Tellian Ulu near here has caused some difficulties for the residents to settle their bills.

Laini Mutu

One of the villagers, Laini Mutu, 60, said that the failure to deliver water bills to residents’ homes — sometimes up to three months — had made it difficult for them to pay their bills on time.

“I hope the water bill can be delivered to every house like before. This problem occurred after one of the meter readers was bitten by a dog at the end of the village during the rabies outbreak.

“Since then, we rarely receive our water bills,” he said.

Meanwhile, 64-year-old retiree Albert Pendek said the problem had arisen because the meter readers failed to deliver water bills to villagers’ homes.

Albert Pendek

He added that he had to go to the Rural Water Supply Department (JBALB) office to get his water bill.

“I used to pay almost RM200 because meter readers did not deliver water bills to our homes.

“I once complained to JBALB employees about this matter and they said they no longer have meter readers,” he pointed out.

In fact, the pensioner said they also received water bills belonging to other houses.

“This is possible because meter readers are unable to locate the home of the owners’ bill — so they give it to any house.”

Beatrice Kania

For Beatrice Kania, 61, it became her monthly routine to go to JBALB’s office to get her water bill and pay it off.

“I didn’t want to wait up to two or three months to check the water bill amount — because I knew if it wasn’t paid on time, I would have to pay a huge amount (maybe RM100 or more),” she explained.

Meanwhile, Mersu Muhi, 75, claimed that he had not received his water bill for three months.

“There was a time, I saw a villager having to pay his water bill in instalments as he had accumulated up to RM2,000.

“I hope the authorities will take serious action on this matter,” he said.

Mersu Muhi and his wife.