File photo: Bakun HEP.

KUCHING: Water level at Bakun Lake remains normal despite heavy rainfall in Sarawak’s central region.

While there have been some increase in water level due to rainfall upstream of the dam in Balui River, the reservoir volume remains at a manageable level without the need for any controlled release from the reservoir’s spillways.

Daily water levels were vigilantly monitored by a dedicated team at Bakun HEP, Sarawak Energy said in a statement.

The water levels of Murum HEP, located upstream, were also monitored daily, it added.

Together, Bakun and Murum form Malaysia’s first cascading dams ensuring strong operational synergy in terms of operations and maintenance.

The last controlled release operation from Bakun HEP commenced Aug 9 in consultation with and permission from the Sarawak Rivers Board and the Department of Irrigation and Drainage Sarawak. It ended on Aug 22.

Since then there has been no regulated release from Bakun HEP except for normal generation discharge through the turbines which renewable hydropower is produced.

Bakun HEP continues to hold back large volumes of rainwater over the current rainy weather, mitigating the flood situation downstream of the Rejang River caused by localised heavy rainfall and high tide.