What goes up will eventually come down


Those lucky and brave enough to be on a rollercoaster will get a white-knuckle experience lasting no more than two minutes. Life is also like a rollercoaster ride albeit in slow motion, with many ups and downs throughout one’s lifetime.

Minor incidents would dissipate in a matter of hours, but chapters could continue to span for decades. Our life’s journey started at birth and ends on the day we die. Our destiny depends on what we choose to live by design and also by default, and we have no full control of our fate.

And no other episode in recent history has impacted our lives more than the movement control orders since the end of the Second World War. The restriction of movement since March 18 had caused many businesses and activities to cease and people losing their income.

But manufacturers of personal protective equipment (PPE) are generating humungous profits during this misfortune. For example, Top Glove Corporation recently became the second most valuable stock on Malaysia’s equities benchmark, second only to Maybank.

In May, a poor young couple with two children gained fame after an interview by Bernama for their cooking channel using only the most basic of cooking equipment available at their home, which included a single wok, a handy spatula, a rice cooker, and two cooking pots.

Before that, the husband worked in an estate and earned about RM1,000 a month. The wife had to leave school while she was in Form 4 to support the family. She was a bright student as could be seen by her fluent Malay spoken in the video clips.

The ‘Sugu Pavithra’ YouTube food channel was so popular that it reached 787,000 subscribers but then disaster struck. It started with Ipoh City Council (MBI) awarding the Ipoh City Icon title to Ipoh-born S Pavithra.

But following the altercation with her husband and his subsequent arrest, Pavithra told reporters that she will be turning down any form of recognition or award for the time being as her family members are just ordinary people and wish to live normal lives.

In response, MBI declared that it has no plan to revoke the title exclusively reserved for those born in Ipoh and brought honour to the city. It proved that the award had been carefully thought out and MBI remains steadfast over its decision.

This is unlike some organisations that dish out awards freely and revoke them out of expediency. Syabas to MBI! And what Pavithra disclosed may well give an indication of what the future holds for the couple.

Most people cannot handle instant fame and success, and Pavithra and her husband are no exception. Although her husband made a bad mistake, it could have been much worse. But the sad episode may well be a blessing in disguise if the couple truly learned from it.

They are young and will go through many trials and tribulations, but what counts most will be towards the end of their lives. The lyrics of the song ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ is inspiring. Couples could pay tribute to one another with this song and stay in wedded bliss.

YS Chan,

Kuala Lumpur

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