Who’s your ideal match?

A couple getting married in Callenberg, Germany. Photo: dpa

KUCHING: We all have our preferences for ideal partners. For example, most women prefer older men instead of younger ones.

Marriage is a lifetime contract between two persons and staying together while keeping the spark alive needs full-time commitment from both partners.

Though marrying in the early or late ’20s are ideal to some, financial stability and readiness to commit are also the things they look for in an ideal partner.

Here, some women share with New Sarawak Tribune what they are looking for in an ideal partner before tying the knot.

Idrina Rosli
IDRINA ROSLI (student)

For me, my ideal partner has to be good-looking, educated, kind, and, of course, having a good sense of humour is a plus! The two most important things my partner must have are a good education because knowledge is gold and commitment to our relationship. The ideal age gap between us should be around five years. I hope to settle down when I am 30 years old.

Alyssa Rose
ALYSSA ROSE (student)

My ideal person must have good chemistry with me. He must be loyal, goofy, kind and adventurous. He should be my best friend, is committed to our relationship and adventurous. I personally like mature guys who are at least five years older and quite childish at times. I want to marry when I am in my late 20’s but it all depends on whether we are ready and financially stable for the next step in our lives.

Najihah Jeffery
NAJIHAH JEFFERY (customer service officer)

My ideal partner must be protective, reliable and trustworthy. I want a husband who complements my weaknesses and flaws. He should be between two and five years old older because I believe older men have different perceptions and opinions. I want to tie the knot when I am 28 years old.

Khairunnisa Nasruddin

I like someone successful, family-oriented, loyal, stylish, romantic and a cat lover! I think when it comes to love, the age gap does not matter. But if I were to choose, I prefer an age difference of between two and three years. This is because if we are from the same generation, we will understand each other better. I’d like to marry when I am 27 to 30 years old.

Georgiana Richard

I hope to meet someone trustworthy, family-oriented, supportive and willing to put efforts into our relationship to keep the sparks alive. I believe these qualities will lead to a long-lasting and happy marriage. I hope he will be at least one to two years older than me. I hope to marry when I am 30 years old.

Rachel Jong

RACHEL JONG (trainee teacher)

My ideal partner is intellectual (but not in a condescending way; more like, we’re able to help each other grow), respectful, generous, kind, level-headed and well-endowed. I will also appreciate a partner who can provide security and who wears glasses. The age difference does not matter; age is truly just a number I do not think there is an ideal age for marriage as well. I believe in getting married only when my partner and I are ready and equipped in all aspects — financially, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

Jaya Diana
JAYA DIANA (writer)

My ideal partner is older than or at least as old as I am. I believe that older men can give me the security I need. Maturity, a good sense of humour, financially stable and adventurous — I want these in my partner. I prefer to marry when I am 30. I do take into account my fertility period and I want to have children of my own one day without any complications. But of course, I prioritise having a stable income first because I refuse to depend on anyone to stay alive.

Nur Shazreena Ali

For me, being financially stable is important. I look for a partner who respects me, accepts my flaws and strengths and is family-oriented. Most importantly, he must be financially stable. Age is just a number. Old or young does not matter. If I am getting married, it does not mean that I have to take care of the kids. Women today should look beyond that.