‘Widower’ finds love again

Jimmy is seen with his new lover, Valentine.

MIRI: A two-time ‘widower’, Jimmy, a male Oriental-pied hornbill at the Piasau Nature Reserve (PNR) here, appears to have found love again.

Jimmy has found new love.

Months after Juliet’s passing (Jimmy’s second lover after his Faridah was brutally killed back in 2013), Jimmy now has another female hornbill into his life, which the Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) named as Valentine, as the two were seen courting close to Valentine Day.

The new female is seen surveying the nest cavity which had been the birthplace of numerous young hornbills in PNR, said SFC in its official Facebook on Sunday.

“Long may Jimmy continue to be the male presiding over the cavity and we do hope that the new young female will be around for years to come and be a long-term companion,” SFC added.

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