Wild ferns, river water keep missing man alive

Lajung was found in a weak condition in a small forest at Sebetan yesterday.

SPAOH: An elderly citizen is understood to have been living on ‘midin’ vegetable and river water for eight days since he went missing on April 10.

According to Councillor Abang Suhordie Abang Zaini, 60-year-old Abu Bakar Dayat alias Lajung from Kampung Hulu, was found safe by a search and rescue team around 2.20pm on Thursday near Sebetan forest.

“Lajung was in a weak condition yesterday. He claimed that he had not touched a grain of rice since the day he went missing and instead relied on wild ferns ‘midin’ and river water only,” he told reporters.

Abang Suhordie noted that the victim was taken to Spaoh Health Clinic for further treatment.

“Thankfully, the efforts of the residents and the rescue agency have been fruitful. I represent the family of Lajung to express our thanks,” he said.

According to a family member, the night before Lajung went missing he was heard mumbling in his sleep.

“It was weird for me and the rest of the family hearing him mumbling but we just let him be,” he told.

By morning, however, the family members were shocked to find that he was not in his bed.

They worried for his safety, but family members only lodged a police report at the Spaoh police station two days later.