William Tiu re-elected Sarawak Zhao Clan Association president

William Tiu (fourth right) chairs the second AGM of the association.

SIBU: A dynamic and caring leader Datuk William Tiu was re-elected anonymously for the third term (2021-2022) as the president of Sarawak Zhao Clan Association.

He was re-elected during the 2nd Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Sarawak Zhao Clan Association held at the Ku Tien Association conference room on Sunday (Dec 20).

Later in his speech, Tiu expressed his big thank you to the board of committee members, all the members for their undivided solid support, their contribution in time, energy and efforts put in during his previous two terms of services that everything had been running smoothly.

Tiu was elected as the association’s president for his first term (2017-2018). He was anonymously re-elected for the second term (2019-2020) while on last Sunday he was re-elected again for the third term (2021-2022).

“I would like to express my big thank you to all the Sarawak Zhao Clan Association committee members and all the members for their trust in me to helm Sarawak Zhao Clan Association for the third term as the president.

“My special thank also goes to Temenggong Datuk Lau Lee Ming for kindly donating one floor air conditioning unit to our association,” he added.

The year 2020 has been an extraordinary year, a year of pandemic. The global outbreak of the pandemic has caused a great blow to the lives of people from all walks of life, Tiu pointed out.

“But we are thankful for your unfailing support that even in the midst of economic uncertainty, we are able to buy a 3-storey shop house as our new base building for Sarawak Zhao Clan Association,” he said.

Tiu added, right now, they had set up a fund-raising committee headed by deputy president of Sarawak Zhao Clan Association Tiew Su Cheng.

“Both Tiew Su Cheng and Kelvin Chiew, the interior designer will be in-charge of the renovation work of the new building.

“In the meantime, the new building is still under renovation and hopefully that we are able to move in before Chinese New Year in 2021.

“I am looking forward to have our next meeting at our new building where all the members could visit it and by then, we would be able to organise our Chinese New Year celebration to commemorate the elders and present children’s study incentives at the same time,” he pointed out.

Meanwhile, he also said that it was undeniable that Youth Wing is an important wing for the growth of associations of any kind.

In relation to that, Tiu also urged for more of their young generation to join Sarawak Zhao Clan Association and be a part of Zhao Clan family.

“The Sarawak Zhao Clan Association will be a platform for the Youth Wing to exhibit their talents of showcasing their creativities, ideas and technologies through getting actively involved in all activities.

“Their participation in the association activities will certainly cheer up the atmosphere and bring joy to everyone,” he said at the association’s second AGM.

“We are also very concerned about the importance of sisters’ group or rather women’s wing where they really play an active role in both churches or associations and their passion towards contributions to the society are undeniable. “As we are entering into Christmas season and about to usher into a new year 2021, may you all be blessed, stay safe and healthy,” he added.