Woman beaten till paralysed

The 49-year-old victim receiving treatment at Sibu Hospital after her brother (suspect) beat her multiple times with a broomstick until she became paralysed from chest down.

SIBU: Allegedly refusing to give her brother money resulted in a woman being beaten.  

The man was arrested for having beaten his elder sister with a broomstick until she became paralysed from the chest down.

The incident happened in their family home at Jalan Sungai Antu around 3pm on Jan 22 this year.

It was said the 49-year-old sister’s refusal to fulfil the suspect’s request for cash was the cause of the incident.

Her brother, 44, is said to have been pestering her for cash for quite some time until she got angry and hit him with a broomstick.

The suspect responded by snatching the broomstick and beating the sister on the head, body and back multiple times until she fell.

He continued the beating until the broomstick broke and he was stopped by their mother.

Sibu police chief ACP Stanley Jonathan Ringgit, who confirmed the case, said the victim was then rushed to Sibu Hospital for immediate treatment.

“The hospital confirmed that the victim’s spine sustained C5/C6 vertebrae subluxation (misalignment) and caused the spinal cord to be severely compressed.

“This injury has caused the victim to be paralysed from the chest down. The victim will be undergoing spinal surgery tomorrow,” he said today (Feb 2).

On the day of the incident, the victim’s parents refused to involve the police but after being persuaded by their daughter, the mother agreed to lodge a police report on Monday (Feb 1).

The suspect was arrested around 2.10pm on the same day and is now under remand.

Investigations found that both the victim and suspect have long been at loggerheads, often quarrelling but no physical clashes.

Stanley said the case is being investigated under Section 326A of the Penal Code and the case will be referred to the Protection Officer from the Social Welfare Department to obtain an Interim Protection Order on the victim.