Melia guides one of the participants during the craft class.

TATAU: About 20 participants from Kakus state constituency joined a one-day creative craft class at Tatau Sports Hall here last Saturday.

The programme, which took place from 8am to 5pm, was held in conjunction with the handing over of the Agriculture Facilities Fund (AFF) for a durian plantation involving 239 participants from Sungai Arip, Sungai Tau, Sungai Bawang, Sungai Anak and Selangau.

The burie cloth class was led and taught by Datin Melia Gelen, wife of Datuk John Sikie Tayai, Assistant Minister in Chief Minister’s Department (Native Laws and Customs). Melia is also one of the successful handicraft entrepreneurs in the state.

In her speech at the closing ceremony, Melia hoped the participants would continue to develop what they learned that day.

“Even after this class, I hope the participants will continue their efforts to make burie cloth not only for themselves but for sale.

“This craft can help you to increase your family income. It is possible to have your own brand of burie cloth and for this area to be known as a burie fabric production area,” she added.

Melia also revealed that the next class would be held in mid-October.

Tuai Rumah Tepi Ebek from Jalan Ladang 4/Bukut, Mukah, thanked Melia on behalf of all the participants.

Melia (centre) with Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) Kakus Women chief, Mary Lubon (left) and Tuai Rumah Vicky.