Woman sustains injuries in attack by neighbour

The suspect is detained for questioning.

MIRI: Police arrested a 31-year-old man after he attacked his neighbour with an iron rod on Saturday morning (March 27).

During the 11am incident, the 44-year-old victim sustained injuries to her right arm after being hit by the suspect twice using the 40-inch-long iron rod.

Miri police chief ACP Hakemal Hawari said the incident occurred at a house in Kampung Tegageng, Suai Niah.

He said, when the incident occurred, the victim was resting outside her house, while her husband was inside their room.

“The husband suddenly heard his wife screaming outside and he immediately rushed downstairs to check on her, and was surprised to see a shirtless man holding an iron rod standing in front of his wife,” said Hakemal.

Fearing for his wife’s safety, the husband grabbed a shovel to scare off the suspect, who fled the scene.

Following a report lodged by the woman at Batu Niah police station, the police have detained a suspect for questioning over the incident.

Police are investigating the motive behind the attack.