Work on Beluru’s first sports complex begins

Penguang (second right) visiting the site of the sports complex in Beluru.

KUCHING: A project to build Beluru’s first sports complex has started, says Assistant Local Government Minister Datuk Dr Penguang Manggil.

“I visited the site. The contractor is appointed by the Marudi District Council,” he said in a Facebook post on Wednesday (April 14).

Earlier, the Marudi assemblyman also visited the project site of a multipurpose hall as well as the upgrading of roads leading to longhouses in Beluru.

“These people-centric projects, approved in 2019, had been implemented since the end of last year after being delayed due to the Covid-19 movement control order (MCO).

“For road repair projects, they are being implemented by the Public Works Department according to the schedules set by the agency.”

In a separate post, Penguang also distributed minor rural project grants to 21 recipients in the constituency.

Among them, the village safety and development committees of Rh Katherine Sunday (RM10,000); Rh Julau Sg Kelabit (RM10,000); Rh Tan Lunsa (RM10,000); Rh Nyala Bukit Limau (RM10,000); Rh Rantai Sg Kelabit (RM10,000);

Rh Micheal Bangat (RM10,000) and Rh Rantai Sg Marroy Peking (RM15,000).

He also presented grants to the women bureaus of Rh Asi Sayun (RM5,000); Rh Pengabang (RM5,000); Rh Anthony Kedit Logan Manok (RM5,000)

Rh Lingga Sg Nat (RM5,000); Rh Rantai (RM5,000); Rh Dasu (RM5,000); Rh Liboh (RM5,000) and Rh Engkamat (RM5,000).

Grants for the supply of construction materials were also given to Rh Duri Nangga Lait (RM20,000); Rh Nuing (RM19,992) and Rh Rawing (RM5,082).

Also receiving the grants were the Parent-Teacher Association of SK Sg Liam (RM10,000); SK Pengarah Enteri (RM10,000) and the Tokong Dashin Lapok committee (RM10,000).