Wee speaks to reporters at the press conference. Photo: Mohd Alif Noni

KUCHING: Efforts to neutralise red zones in areas under Kuching South City Council (MBKS) jurisdiction are ongoing. 

Mayor Datuk Wee Hong Seng assured that MBKS was doing its part to minimise the risk of the public contracting the virus. 

“We have been doing our part since March with over 40 of our staff and enforcement officers going to the markets to take people’s temperature and cleaning the markets as well. 

“We’ve sent at least five or six of our staff to join Bomba (Fire and Rescue Department) in carrying out disinfection work. A minimum of two areas are being covered each day,” he told the press yesterday. 

Wee appealed to the public to be patient as all areas would undergo scheduled disinfection. 

“Right now, what we are seeing is that they are disinfecting the market areas, places of worship before proceeding to the main areas. Just be patient. We will cover all the areas,” he assured. 

Wee pointed out an important measure to curb the spread of Covid-19 was to maintain cleanliness of the market areas on a daily basis. 

“The most important thing is cleaning the markets every day after closing. Our teams go down there and clean the markets every day and we have been doing it on a daily basis.

“So the public should not worry as we have taken the temperatures of visitors and enforced the practice of social distancing. We may also limit the number of people who come in to only 50 or 60 people,” Wee added. 

The mayor also said public compliance also played a big role in ensuring the success of the initiative taken by MBKS. 

“As I said, we may have the best measures, rules and regulations, but if the public still do not comply, then that will be a big problem. 

“Hence, it is important that they do their part as well so that our efforts for the past 20 days are not wasted,” Wee stressed. 

He also urged the public to donate blood as hospital blood banks were running low of supply. 

“Yesterday, we managed to collect less than 20 pints of blood. Every day, we are targeting at least 30 pints. 

“The public can participate in blood donations at Dewan Masyarakat MBKS. It opens from 9am to 4pm,” he added.