Work together to counter Opposition

Harden during the committee meeting.

SIMANGGANG: Members of the Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) branch here have been urged to cooperate with each other and with Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) component parties in the coming 12th state election.

Simanggang SUPP chairman Datuk Francis Harden Hollis said the Opposition’s ideology, attacks and tactics needed to be analysed and countered.

“The Opposition are using the ideology for their own interests and they have used several platforms like a few tuai rumah (longhouse chiefs) who have lost their sense of direction despite the oath of loyalty to the government who appointed them,” he added, during Simanggang SUPP’s meeting on Sunday (April 4).

Harden said there was also a group of people disappointed with unfulfilled promises and had no patience who chose to take shortcuts by joining the Opposition.

He pointed out that the Opposition had chosen to use the issue of the lack of development as ammo to badmouth the government.

“The Opposition are deliberately raising the issues of no development in Simanggang. This is untrue because development is always taking place here.

“Development takes time, from application, determination of site, amicable solution with landowners, design, estimated cost preparation, quotation, contractor selection, letter of offer to successful contractor, before finally starting work.” 

Meanwhile, Harden said at the meeting, it was agreed that SUPP members of Sri Aman District Council establish a committee as a platform for pre-meetings in order to separate matters pertaining to the party, development projects or other matters brought up in local government meetings.

The meeting also discussed on the different ways to approach the people, including registration for the Kenyalang Gold Card and Covid-19 vaccination as well as to update the progress of the party’s activities under the Covid-19 standard operating procedures.